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Julia Butler

An electrician from this company installed around nine exterior lights, and one mini chandelier and two track lights inside our two bedrooms. He was exactly on time, kept the work space neat and worked patiently at it until work was done completely. I will recommended this company to my friends looking for any expert electrician and I will call them soon for some other jobs.

Tenny Myers

Called this company for a problem with many lights being out, and breaker not getting on. The electrician who came from this company was EXCELLENT. Changed the switches for me as part of repair process and he worked very professionally, not to mention was a very pleasant individual who listened cautiously and understood the issues clearly at hand.   Pricing was fair and reasonable as well. Thanks a lot.

Debbie Levis

I wish to give this company 5 stars for their great services! Quick to respond, called again before coming, did the work professionally and up to the mark. A job done very well. Will be definitely using them again for their honest and professional services.

Luci Perks

What an awesome electrical company to work with! I needed a vent fan replaced in my bathroom. He called back quickly, asked about the work. He charged very fairly for the labor! He cleaned up after work was completed. Will recommend this company to friends and family.

Ryan Carter

The electrician sent by this company for working on my needs was a great person, came on the same day on Saturday and charged very reasonably for the work done. Worked fast, knew all what he was actually doing, and was extremely friendly as well.

Grey Bell

An electrician from this company came on a very short notice, and assisted me with fixing the light fixtures for our business place. He was courteous and explained the things clearly to me. He even helped me to install a few light bulbs in difficult to reach places. Great job done!

Robert Morgan

I have used this company a few times before and they have never disappointed me. Very knowledgeable and did outstanding work always. Everything from add lighting fixtures as well as outlets to replacing a whole main panel was done efficiently. I’ll continue using this company for all of my electrical requirements!

Eddy Simon

I highly recommend this company for all electrical jobs. They answered my phone immediately and said that a tech would be coming within 2 hours. The electrician came on time, was capable to do the work immediately even if a cabinet was there in his way. Was professional and he did an outstanding job.

Kareem W.

I had my bathroom remodel done where work was stopped due to a faulty and old wiring. I contacted this company in late afternoon and by next morning their electrician did the repairs before my contractors arrived. Very simple to work together with and priced reasonably for amount of repairs performed. Would definitely recommend them.

James Howard

Stop the search if you are looking for an electrician—you have found your electrical services company.
Let me save all you guys the troubles of reading other reviews for this company:"quick" ,"excellent work", "effective" ,"courteous" ,"reliable" -- this is the key when somebody is working for you! And this company has it all. So, hire them only for your electrical jobs.